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Powder-washed Salt

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Sample application

And this is called alpha beta solubility.
Easy to dissolve in water, a common physical phenomenon.
Potassium absorbance.
The surface of the snow melting salt is usually surrounded by a thin film of saturated salt solution, when the steam of the thin film solution lower water vapor partial pressure in the air, de-icing salts adsorption of moisture in the air and deliquescence. On the other hand, when water vapor partial pressure than air in dry state. Of course, this is just the de-icing salt was exposed to the air phenomenon, sealed in the bag with the surrounding air isolation is not deliquescence de-icing salt;
(3) low freezing point
The experimental results show that if the de-icing salt solution contains 20% of salt, it will reduce the freezing point to - 16 ℃.


Physical and chemical properties

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