Ocean Ranch


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Ocean Ranch
National demonstration marine grazing, the first batch of demonstration bases of the STS program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The blue ocean adopts the three-dimensional breeding model of "ecosystem of fish, shrimp, ginseng, shellfish, and algae", and recreates marine organisms with the blue "ecology". The "bottom of the sea" has improved the ecological environment of 870,000 hectares of sea.
Sea granaries
Relying on abundant marine and aquatic biological resources, the Group has put in an artificial reef of 160,000 mu, with an annual output of 1 million kg of fresh sea cucumber, 750,000 kg of sea snails, and 500,000 kg of other marine products. It has become the largest three-dimensional culture demonstration base in the country. .
To stay away, it is to return home better and farther away from embarrassment and pollution. The sea cucumber has returned to its original source with a more simple attitude. The natural sea and the natural sea are named "Sixty Miles."