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Shandong Chengyuan Group is located in Laizhou Bay, Bohai Sea Gulf, which is the eastern bridgehead of beautiful Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone, Jiaodong Peninsula High-end Industrial Areas and Efficient Eco-economic Region in Yellow River Delta.
The Group specializes in salt production and integrates research, chemical industry, wind power generation, as well as land and sea transport. With total share capital of RMB 169.96 million, and an area of 24 square kilometers, it consists of 10 subsidiaries: Laizhou Chengyuan Salt Chemical Co., Ltd., Laizhou Tianyuan Salt Industry Co. Ltd., Laizhou Yinbao Salt Industry Co., Ltd., Laizhou Chengyuan Salt Chemical Supply & Sales Co., Ltd. , Laizhou Chengyuan Shipping Co., Ltd., Laizhou Shunda Logistics Co., Ltd., Laizhou Chengyuan New Energy Co., Ltd. , Laizhou Chengyuan Salt Chemical R&D Center, Laizhou Chengyuan Salt Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. and Laizhou Chengyuan Salt Chemical Seafood Culture Co., Ltd.
As a file leader of national salt industry enterprises, the Group comes out first in the national salt industry with leading scale, profit and product quality. It owns 1.2 million tons of annual production capacity for high-quality salt, 5000 tons for bromine, and 2000 tons for qualified sea foods. It has 3.6 million tons of annual land logistic capacity, and 3 million tons of sea logistics capacity. The annual storage and handling capacity of Laizhou Port Salt Wharf can reach 2 million tons. The wind power project is under construction, and the solar photovoltaic generation and high-efficient eco-friendly salt manufacturing circular economy projects are under experiment.
At the end of 2009, the Group with total assets of RMB 862 million fulfilled annual sale proceeds of RMB 1080 million, and paid tax and profit of RMB 128 million, with a staff of 1,200 employees. The leading products are marketed to the high-end chlor-alkali enterprises of China Mainland, Japan, South Korea, North Korea, Taiwan, etc.
The Group attaches importance to scientific research, management, brand and cultural construction. As a Shandong High-Tech Enterprise, it owns more than 400 intermediate-senior technicians. The Group has passed the certifications of ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System, ISO14001:2004 Environmental Management System and GB/T28001-2001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System. Its leading product “Jingshan Industrial Salt” is awarded “Shandong Famous Brand”, “Jingshan” trademark is chosen as “Shandong Famous Trademark”, and “Laizhou Big Granulated Salt” is awarded Geographical Identification Trademark by State Administration for Industry and Commerce. The Group owns two patents: “Technique for Secondary Extracting Bromine from Waste Liquid by Extracting Bromine Once”, and “Preparation Methods of Low-Bromine Industrial Salt for Ionic Membrane-Exchange Chlor-alkali Production”. It has reported nine patents for approval (three invention patents, and six utility model patents). 15 of its 17 R&D projects have completed the commercialization of research findings.
The Group is awarded “the Vice President Unit of China Salt Industry Association”, “Yantai 3.50 Enterprise”, and “Yantai Top 100 Private Enterprises”. The Group has been chosen as “Advanced Unit of Shandong Salt Industry System”, “Contract-honoring & Promise-keeping Unite”, and “Top 100 Taxpaying Units” for many years. In 2009, the Group was chosen as “Shandong Light Industry Meritorious Entrepreneur in the 60th Anniversary of Foundation”, and “Excellent Management Demonstrative Enterprise of Shandong Light Industry in 60th Anniversary of Foundation” by Shandong Light Industry Council, “Shandong Credit Enterprise” by Shandong Administration For Industry & Commerce, Shandong Provincial Finance Department, Shandong Environmental Protection Department, Shandong Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau, Shandong Local Taxation Bureau, and Shandong Provincial Office, SAT, and “Yantai AAA-level Harmonious Enterprise of Labor Relationship” by Yantai City People’s Government. It was awarded “AAA-level Credit Enterprise” by Bank of China Laizhou Branch, Agricultural Bank of China Laizhou Branch, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Laizhou Branch, Agricultural Bank of China Laizhou Branch, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Laizhou Branch, China Construction Bank Laizhou Branch, and Laizhou Rural Commercial Bank.
Yu Bo, chairman of the Group, is the vice president of China Salt Industry Association, vice chairman of Yantai Federation of Industry & Commerce, and the representative of Yantai Municipal fifteenth Session of the People’s Congress. He was chosen as “Shandong Excellent Entrepreneur” by Enterprise League of Shandong Province, Entrepreneur Association of Shandong Province, Industrial Economics League of Shandong Province, Shandong Quality Association and Shandong Light Industry Association. He was awarded Yantai Model Worker, the Winner of “Labor Medal”, and “Excellent Private Entrepreneur Influencing Yantai for Celebrating the Sixtieth Anniversary of Founding of New China”, “Shandong Light Industry Meritorious Entrepreneur in the Sixtieth Anniversary of Founding of New China” and “Laizhou 24 Virtuous Persons”